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The following articles have been submitted. Revised versions will be uploaded as they become available starting in December 2015.

Short Statements (SS) and White Papers (WP) are listed alphabetically by the Lead Author's last name BY THEMES.

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NOTE: For REVIEWER records, not for public release; details for AOS TWGs only. A pdf of reviewer comments is being sent to individual authors with names of reviewers removed (e.g. 'AN' = anonymous). REVIEWER TEMPLATE - download it here.

THEME 1 - International and national strategies for sustained support of long-term Arctic observing     
Moore, Sue E.; Grebmeier, Jacqueline M. The Distributed Biological Observatory: Linking Physics to Biology in the Pacific Arctic Region  WP sue.moore [at]  (1), 5  link review by A. Tilche - sent to authors   link (as original-to discuss comments during Summit)
Arnold, S.R.; Brock, C. A.; Law, K. S.  Air Pollution in the Arctic: Climate, Environment and Society (PACES)   SS s.arnold [at]  (1) link  review by A. Tilche - sent to authors revised 
Houssais, Marie-Noelle; Law, Kathy; Babin, Marcel; Rousseau, Denis-Didier French Arctic Initiative (Chantier Arctique): contribution to an Arctic Observing System SS denis-didier.rousseau [at] (1) link review by A. Tilche - sent to authors  revised
Biebow, Nicole; Willmott, Veronica; Rousseau, Denis-Didier; Quesada, Antonio; Schoener, Wolfgang The role of EU-PolarNet in sustaining Arctic Observations SS nicole.biebow [at] (1) link review by A. Tilche - sent to authors  revised 
Vlasova, Tatiana; Petrov, Andrey N.; Nymand Larsen, Joan;  Volkov, Sergey; Khropov, Alexander; Lytkin, Ivan Monitoring Arctic Sustainability: International Experiences and Agenda to Develop Arctic Sustainability Indicators SS tatiana.vlsv [at] (1) link review- A. Tilche - sent to authors  
Larsen, J.; Hinzman, L.; Kruemmel, E.; Loseto, L.; Mathis, J.; Olseng, C.; Pulsifer, P.; Rachold, V.; Reiersen, L.  The Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks (SAON): Status   SS jan.rene.larsen [at]  (1)  link  review by A. Tilche - sent to authors  revised-updated (ok) 
Rigor, Ignatius G.; Clemente-Colón, Pablo; Reinking, Curtis; Keith, David; Reams, Micki  The International Arctic Buoy Programme (IABP) – A Model for Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks  WP  ignatius [at]  (1)  link  review by A. Tilche - sent to authors   
Straneo, Fiamma; Heimbach, Patrick; Hamilton, Gordon; Sergienko, Olga  Greenland Ice Sheet Ocean Observing System  WP  fstraneo [at]  (1) link  review by A. Tilche - sent to authors  revised 
Shupe, Matthew Broad Coordination Needed to Address Atmospheric and Coupled-system Gaps in the Central Arctic SS matthew.shupe [at] (1) link review by A. Tilche - sent to authors revised 
Danielson, S.; Hauri, C.; Hopcroft, R.; Lalande, C.; Janzen, C.; McCammon, M.; McDonnell, A.; Stafford, K.; Winsor, P.; Wisdom, S.  A multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional approach to long-term and high-resolution Arctic marine monitoring  SS  sldanielson [at] (1)  link  review by A. Tilche - sent to authors   
Christensen, Tom; Payne, John; Barry, Tom; Price, Courtney Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Programme (CBMP) SS toch [at] (1), 4 link review by A. Tilche - sent to authors  
Fukasawa, Masao; Enomoto, Hiroyuki;  Saito, Sei-ichi, Kawano, Takeshi  New Japanese Arctic Research Project “Arctic Challenge for Sustainability (ArCS)”  SS  enomoto.hiroyuki [at] (Contact: Hiroyuki Enomoto) (1)   link review by A. Tilche - sent to authors   

Qiu, Yubao; Savela, Hannele; Key, Jeffrey R.; Menenti, Massimo; Vitale, Vito; Cheng, Xiao, Friddell, Julie E., Larsen, Jan René; Enomoto, Hiroyuki; Guo, Xuejun; Sandven, Stein; She, Jun, Lappalainen, Hanna; Basanta, Raj; Su, Bob; Gabarró, Carolina; Li, Xin; Callaghan, Terry V.; Lawford, Richard; Bérod, Dominique D.; and the GEOCRI Group

Statement on the GEO Cold Region Initiative (GEOCRI) SS qiuyb [at] (1), 5 link-updated review by A. Tilche - sent to authors  revised 
McCammon, Molly; Hinzman, Larry A Call for a Research Clearinghouse in Alaska WP mccammon [at] 1 link review by A. Tilche - sent to authors   
LeBlond, Paul H.; Ibarguchi, Gabriela  Towards an international scientific observatory at the North Pole WP gabriela.ibarguchi[ at] (Contact author); leblondpaul41 [at] (Primary author) 1, 5 link review by A. Tilche - sent to authors  revised 
Grabak, Ola; Arthurs, David; Flemming,  Andrew  Polaris: User Needs and High-Level Requirements for Next Generation Observing Systems for the Polar Regions  WP  ola.grabak [at] (1)  link  review by A. Tilche - sent to authors   
Baker, Betsy Designing a Regional Seas Arrangement for the Arctic Ocean: Legal, Scientific and Observational Support SS bbbak [at]  (1), OTHER link review by A. Tilche - sent to authors  
Forbes, Donald L.; Bell, Trevor; LeTissier, Martin; Petrov, Andrey; Pulsifer, Peter; Atkinson, David E.; Eerkes-Medrano, Laura; Nymand Larsen, Joan; Couture, Nicole; Kraev, Gleb; Marino, Elizabeth; Overduin, Paul; Rasmussen, Rasmus Ole; Riedlsperger, Rudy; Schweitzer, Peter; Vlasova, Tatiana; and Wilson, Katherine CACCON and Partner Knowledge Networks: Arctic Coastal Engagement Network of Future Earth Coasts WP donald.forbes [at] (1), 5, 4, 6 link NEW PAPER - review needed  
Morison, James; Wilkinson, Jeremy; Alkire, Matthew; Nilsen, Frank; Polyakov, Igor; Smethie, Willam Jr.; Schlosser, Peter; Viver, Frederic; Lourenco, Antonio North Pole as an Indicator of the Changing Arctic Ocean WP morison [at] (1) link review-Andrea Tilche  and  review-Brendan Kelly  ; sent to authors  revised-updated 
Lee, Craig; Shupe, Matthew; Wilson, Cathy; Bennet, Mia; Hoy, Elizabeth; Kwok, Ron; Macrander, Michael; Nguyen, An T.; Payer, Davis; Schuur, Ted; Starkweather, Sandy; Stearns, Leigh; and Wiggins, Helen Arctic Observing Open Science Meeting WP craig [at] (1), 5 link - NEW reviewed by JM - no changes needed ; sent to authors link
AND SEE: Lee, Allison; Davis, Rowena; Gurney, Robert; Key, Erica; Oakley, Kim (under Theme 5) Research Data for a Changing World            
THEME 2 - Technology and innovation for sustained Arctic observations     
Rixen, Michel; and the Polar Challenge Committee  The WCRP-FPA2 Polar Challenge: Expanding the capabilities of current Autonomous Underwater Vehicles   SS mrixen [at] ; walt.n.meier [at]   (2)  link review - Alice - sent to authors revised-updated (V5- note author order change - update in V4; note Polar Challenge flyer added in V5)
de Boer, Gijs; Cassano, John; Lawrence, Dale Micro-UAS as a tool for observing the Arctic Environment SS gijs.deboer [at] (2) link review - Rune
sent to authors 
Panteleev, Gleb; Yaremchuk, Max; Stroh, Jacob; Francis, Oceana; Posey, Pamela; and Herbert, David Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis and Observing System Simulation Experiments as a tool to analyze and optimize observations in the WP gleb [at] (2), Other link review - Alice - sent to authors  
Hardesty, Jasper (Joe); Ivey, Mark; Dexheimer, Dari; Helsel, Fred; Lucero, Dan; de Boer, Gijs Opportunities for Sustained Arctic Observations and Scientific Collaborations at the US Department of Energy Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Facilities on the North Slope of Alaska WP joharde [at] (2) link review - Alice - sent to authors revised 
Masrur, Arif; Petrov, Andrey  The Need for Data and Technology Integration to Observe Tundra Wildfires at Multiple Scales  SS  masrura [at] (2), 1, 5  link  review - Rune
sent to authors 
Knox, Hunter; Abbott, Robert; James, Stephanie; Lee, Rebekah; and Cole, Chris Permafrost Active Layer Seismic Interferometry Experiment (PALSIE) and Satellite Observations WP haknox [at] (2) link review - Rune
sent to authors 
Bradley, Alice C; Palo, Scott; LoDolce, Gabe; Weibel, Doug; Lawrence, Dale; Maslanik, James; Zappa, Chris  Microbuoys for low-cost observation of the upper Arctic Ocean  WP  alice.bradley [at] (2)  link  review - Rune
sent to authors 
Barry, Tom; Lárusson, Kári Arctic Biodiversity Data Service (ABDS) SS tom [at] (2), 1 link review - Gaby and edits ; sent to authors revised 
Alessa, Lilian; Raymond, Vanessa; Cox, Sarah; Meceda, Ann; Linklater, Joe; Roddick, Stephen; Gamble, Jim; Beaujean, Grace; Abdelrahim, Sarah The Arctic Adaptation Exchange Portal: An Arctic Council Tool to Build a Knowledge System for Resilient Arctic Communities  SS  lalessa [at]  (2) - include in 4 link  review-Alice - sent to authors   
Hendricks, Stefan; Haas, Christian; Gerland, Sebastian; Herber, Andreas; Krumpen, Thomas; Mahoney, Andrew; Eicken, Hajo; Gerdes, Rüdiger   A Pan-Arctic Airborne Sea Ice Observation System  WP stefan.hendricks [at]   (2)  link  review - Alice sent to authors revised 
Jones, Joanne; Peterson, Perry Exploring the Arctic: Integrating Earth Observations on the WorldView Discrete Global Grid System SS ppeterson [at] 2, 1 - moved from Theme 3 link

review-Gaby-NEW and edits ; sent to authors

previous review-David

AND SEE: Benedict, Sam (under 'OTHER)              
THEME 3 - Contributions of the Private Sector and Industry to sustained Arctic observations     
Hutchings, Jennifer K.; Hughes, Nick; Orlich, Alice; McFarlane, Scott; Cowen, Alex; Farmer, Lauren; Faber, Megan Kate  Ice Watch: Standardizing and expanding Arctic ship based sea ice observations  WP jhutchings [at]  (3), 2, 1, 4  link  review -Hajo sent to authors as 'copy'; David to contact authors   revised
Eltoft, T.; Brekke, C.; Johnsen, H.; Storvold, R.; Gerland, S.; Dierking, W.; Pedersen, J. P. CIRFA – Centre for Integrated Remote Sensing and Forecasting for Arctic Operations, a new Centre for Research-based innovation hosted by UiT-the Arctic University of Norway WP torbjorn.eltoft [at] (3), 2 link

review-David - sent to authors by GI  (and David to contact authors)

Hillmer-Pegram, K; de la Barre, S; Maher, P; Dawson, J; Huijbens, E; Lamers, M; Liggett, D; Müller, D; Pashkevich, A; Stewart, E.  Arctic Tourism Should be used as a Vehicle for Arctic Observing Systems   SS  khillmerpegram [at] NOW 3 - please note that was moved from theme 4  link  review - Craig Fleener - sent to AUTHOR Nov-16  revised
Tivy, Adrienne; Petrich, Chris   Observations to support industry needs for sea ice information and predictions     SS adrienne.tivy [at]  NOW 3 - please note that was moved from theme 4 link   review - Peter Pulsifer - sent to AUTHOR Nov. 16     
THEME 4 - Actor and Stakeholder engagement and needs in sustained Arctic observations     
*AND SEE THEME 3: Hillmer-Pegram et al.           Already reviewed Authors already revised
 *AND SEE THEME 3: Tivy and Petrich           Already reviewed Authors revising now
Scott, Carven; Fode, Louise; Fish, Aimee; Heim, Becki; Tatusko, Renee NWS Alaska Region Observation Program Priorities and Expansion   SS Carven.Scott [at]  (4)  link  review - SS 
sent to authors 
Kilioni, Hina; Garland, Anne; Fischer, Kathleen; and Benoit, Liane What is an Arctic Risk Management (ARMNet) Network? SS awhgarland [at] (4) link

link to brochure 
review - MS  - sent to AUTHOR - Nov-17  revised (note author and title updates) - revised-updated
Druckenmiller, Matthew; Francis, Jennifer; Huntington, Henry  Communicating why sea ice matters: A focus of the SEARCH Sea Ice Action Team (SIAT)  SS  druckenmiller [at] (4)  link  review - GS - sent to AUTHOR Nov-13 revised 
Timm, Kristin; Hum, Rich; Druckenmiller, Matthew Using Communication Theory and Strategy to Develop Researcher-Stakeholder Relationships SS kmtimm [at] (4) link review - GS - sent to AUTHOR Nov-13 revised-updated
Lovecraft, Amy L.; Meek, Chanda; Eicken, Hajo Data Portals as Institutional Bridges: Connecting Scientific Observations to Stakeholder Needs WP allovecraft [at] (4) link review - SS - sent to AUTHOR Nov-16  
Barry, Tom; Price, Courtney  Actions for Biodiversity 2013-2021: implementing the recommendations of the Arctic Biodiversity Assessment SS  tom [at]  (4), 1, 3, 4, 5, 6  link  review - Craig Fleener - sent to AUTHOR Nov-16   
Alessa, Lilian; Williams, Paula; Kliskey, Andrew; Beaujean, Grace; Ward, Heather; Ingott, Joni and Ingott, Eddie Incorporating Community Based Observing Networks for Better Preparedness and Enhanced Responses to Marine Arctic Critical Events WP lalessa [at]  (4) , 6 link  review and pdf with comments - Peter Pulsifer - sent to AUTHOR Nov. 16   
Lazareva, Anisiia Ecological and Economic Aspects for the Sustainable Development of the Arctic Regions in Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Russia SS  lazareva [at] ; ralys [at]  4 (reassigned), 1, 3, OTHER  link  review - MS - sent to AUTHOR Nov-16  
Eicken, H.; Mahoney, A.; Jones, J.; Heinrichs, T.; Bader, H.; Broderson, D.; Statscewich, H.; Weingartner, T.; Ravens;, T.; Ivey, M.; Merten The Potential Contribution of Sustained, Integrated Observations to Arctic Maritime Domain Awareness and Common Operational Picture Development in a Hybrid Research-Operational Setting WP heicken [at] (4) link review - Craig Fleener - sent to AUTHOR Nov-16 revised 
Armstrong, Thomas; Corell, Robert; Reiersen, Lars-Otto; and Fuglestad, Jon Adaptation Actions for a Changing Arctic (AACA): The Transition from Science Assessments To a Science-Decision Making Process Founded Upon Sustained Observations and Sound Science  WP  tom [at]  4, 1 link-updated   review - MS - Sent to AUTHOR -Nov 18   

Crump, John; Alftan, Bjorn; Kurvits, Tiina; Patterson, Trista

Many Strong Voices’ Portraits of Resilience: bringing personal stories to the attention of the general public and to decision-makers SS john.crump [at] 4, 1 link review-H-1 and review-O - sent to authors through MS  
Carson, Marcus; Sommerkorn, Martin Developing Indicators of Social-Ecological Resilience WP marcus.carson [at] 4, 6 link  review-1 - sent to authors (MS)  
Geitz, Miriam; Barry, Tom; Eamer, Joan; Hussain, Salman; Lucas, Thierry; Patterson, Trista; and Sommerkorn, Martin  The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) for the Arctic Scoping Study  WP mgeitz [at] 4, 1, 6 link  review-Olivia -  sent to authors (MS) revised 
Krynicki, Adam Data to Decisions: The potential impact of Data Analysis to Alaskans WP akrynicki [at] 4, 6, 2  - moved from Theme 3


reviewer-OL - sent to authors  ; previous review-David

Sharing Knowledge Workshop Participants (ELOKA) Indigenous Knowledge: Key Considerations for Arctic Research and Data Management WP pulsifer [at] 4 AND 6

link (UPDATED - JAN)

(Preliminary here)


Need 2nd review for updated draft (Mary) ; (review by Mary Stapleton for prelim draft)

Arp, Christopher D.; Alexeev, Vladimir A.; Jones, Benjamin M.; Martin, Philip A.; Liljedahl, Anna; Cai, Lei; Gaedeke, Anne; Hiemstra, Chris; Daanen, Ronnie; Whitman, Matthew; Nigro, Debora; Gaglioti, Ben; Adams, Jeff; Urban, Frank Scenarios of Arctic Climate and Land-use Change as a Unifying Framework for Integrating Long-term Monitoring with Interdisciplinary Research in a Focal Watershed SS valexeev [at] (Contact: Vladimir Alexeev) (4)

link (NEW PAPER)

review by S. P. (GI)

AND SEE ALESSA ET AL. in THEME 2 The Arctic Adaptation Exchange Portal: An Arctic Council Tool to Build a Knowledge System for Resilient Arctic Communities             
THEME 5 - Arctic Observations in the context of Global Observing initiatives     
 Lee, O. Contributions of animal-borne sensors to understanding broad-scale oceanographic-biological linkages   SS oalee [at] (5) link review-DB - and review-EC sent to author revised 
Kim, Seong-Joong; Lee, Yoo Kyung; Cho, Kyoung-Ho; Kim, Joo-Hong; Jung, Jinyoung; Kang, Sung-Ho; Kim, Baek-Min; Kim, Mincheol; Kim, So-Young; Sul La, Hyoung; Park, Jisoo; Park, Ki-Tae; Park, Sang-Jong; and Yang, Eunjin  Arctic observation initiatives of Korea Polar Research Institute for monitoring and understanding Arctic climate change WP seongjkim [at] (5), 1 link review-DB - and review-EC sent to author  revised 
Yabuki, Hironori; Sugimura, Takeshi; Terui, Takeshi; Enomoto, Hiroyuki Future development and challenges on Arctic Data archive System (ADS) SS yabuki.hironori [at] (5) link review-DB - and review-EC - sent to authors   
Bullard, Joanna; and Darlington, Eleanor Arctic Dust Observation Network SS j.e.bullard [at] (5) link review - DB - and review EC - sent to authors   
Matsuura, Yojiro; Noguchi, Kyotaro; Morishita, Tomoaki; Toriyama, Jumpei; Fujii, Kazumichi; Kajimoto, Takuya; Osawa, Akira Comparative long-term forest ecosystem study in circumpolar region SS orijoy [at] (5) link review-DB - and review-EC - sent to authors; edits also sent to authors revised 
Vihma, Timo; Uttal, Taneil; Walden, Von; Cox, Christopher; Starkweather, Sandy; Makshtas, Alexander; and Key, Jeff  Application of IASOA circumpolar observations in studies of atmospheric transports into and out of the Arctic for YOPP  WP  timo.vihma [at] (5)  link review-DB , review-HE and review-EC - sent to authors  revised 
Schöner, Wolfgang; Key, Jeffrey; Fierz, Charles; Goodison, Barry; Godøy, Øystein; Snorrason, Árni; Ondráš, Miroslav  The Global Cryosphere Watch Surface Network in the Arctic and Beyond  WP  wolfgang.schoener [at]  ; jeff.key [at]  (5)  link  review-DB , review-HE  and review-EC - sent to authors  revised 
Kodama, Yuji; Enomoto, Hiroyuki; Yamanouchi, Takashi; Ohata, Tetsuo; Ikeda, Motoyoshi Introduction of “Long-term plan for Arctic Environmental Research” SS kodama.yuji [at] (5) link review-DB - and review-EC sent to authors; edits also sent to authors  revised 
Kodama, Yuji; Enomoto, Hiroyuki; Yamanouchi, Takashi Sustainable seamless monitoring in the Arctic SS kodama.yuji [at] (5) link review- DB - and review - EC sent to authors; edits also sent to authors  revised 
AFoPS Secretariat Arctic Observation: Contribution from Asian Forum for Polar Sciences (AFoPS)  SS  hcshin [at] (Contact author: Hyoung Chul Shin) (5)  link  review - DB - and review-EC -  RESENT to Dr. Hyoung-Chul Shin (hcshin [at]  
Schuur, Edward A. G.; Schädel, Christina; McGuire, A. David Permafrost Action Team: Short statement for ASSW 2016 SS ted.schuur [at] (5), 2 link review-DB - and review-EC - sent to authors  revised 
Druckenmiller, Matthew; Pulsifer, Peter; Alessa, Lilian; Eerkes-Medrano, Laura; Lee, Olivia  Advancing Arctic observing within the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) through a focus on Community-Based Monitoring  WP druckenmiller [at]  (5), 1, 4 , 6 link  review-DB and review-EC - sent to author revised 
McCammon, Molly; Janzen, Carol; and Bochenek, Rob A Brief Introduction to the Alaska Ocean Observing System: A Presence in the Arctic (AOOS) SS mccammon [at] 5, 1  link  review-DB - and review-EC - sent to authors   

Goessling, Helge; Jung, Thomas; Klebe, Stefanie; Gordon, Neil; Bauer, Peter; Bradley, Alice; Bromwich, David; Casati, Barbara; Chen, Peter; Chevallier, Matthieu; Day, Jonathan; Doblas-Reyes, Francisco; Fairall, Christopher; Holland, Marika; Inoue, Jun; Iversen, Trond; Liggett, Daniela; Ljubicic, Gita; Massonnet, François; Makshtas, Aleksander; Mills, Brian; Nurmi, Pertti; Perovich, Donald; Reid, Phillip; Renfrew, Ian; Smith, Gregory; Stewart, Emma; Svensson, Gunilla; Tolstykh, Mikhail; and Yang, Qinghua

The Year of Polar Prediction  WP  helge.goessling [at]  (5) link-updated  review-DB , review HE and review EC - sent to author revised 
McLennan, Donald S.; Meidinger, Del; and MacKenzie, Will  The Arctic Vegetation Archive as the basis for a Canadian arctic terrestrial ecosystem classification: Application to establishing arctic terrestrial ecosystem monitoring   WP donald.mclennan [at]  5, OTHER  link   NEW - Reviewer needed (Gaby can review if needed)  
Lee, Allison; Davis, Rowena; Gurney, Robert; Key, Erica; Oakley, Kim Research Data for a Changing World WP lee.allison [at] (5), 4 link NEW Jan 26 - Maribeth to review (confirmed)  
THEME 6 - Interfacing Indigenous Knowledge, Community-based Monitoring and Scientific Methods for sustained Arctic observations     
Barnhardt, R. Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Cross-Cultural Research  WP rjbarnhardt [at] (6) link

review-Carolina - sent to author 

Bronen, Robin  Community-based social-ecological monitoring and assessment to foster human rights protections and community resilience in Alaska  SS robin.bronen [at] (6)  link 

review-Caronlina and review-Lize Marie - sent to author

Johnson, Noor; Behe, Carolina; Danielsen, Finn; Krümmel, Eva; Pulsifer, Peter Community-Based Monitoring in a Changing Arctic: A Review for the Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks WP noor_johnson [at] (6) link - updated review - sent to authors; review-2 revised
Yamanaka, Yoshiko; Cook, R. Douglas  Socially Responsible Research Model for the Arctic: Reflections on Collaboration with Indigenous communities  SS yyamanaka [at]  (6) link - updated 

Review- Kelly Eningowuk  and comments ;
review and comments - Vinay Rajdev   ; and review - Lize Mariesent to authors 


Williams, Paula; Trammel, Jamie E.; Witmer, Frank; Venema, Rieken; Kliskey, Andy; Beaujean, Grace; and Alessa, Lilian

Understanding observations of selected environmental changes in communities surrounding the Bering Sea WP pwilliams [at] (6) link-updated review - JRY- sent to authors revised - note author and title changes
Panda, Santosh K.; Kholodov, Alexander; Dubay, Charlene; Hanson, Teresa Engaging rural communities in permafrost and climate monitoring in the Upper Kuskokwim region, interior Alaska SS skpanda [at] (6) link

review - Shari - sent to authors ; Author response to reviewer

Maynard, Nancy G.  Arctic Indigenous Observing Strategies  SS  nmaynard [at]  (6)  link  Review-Carolina - and review-Lize Marie - sent to author    
Snow, Kathleen; O’Hara, Shannon; Esagok, Dougie; Ostertag, Sonja; and Loseto, Lisa Our Beluga, Fish and Environment are Changing: Traditional Knowledge study on food resources on Kendall Island in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region SS kathleen.snow [at] (6) link review-CB ; sent to authors  revised 
Magdanz, James S. A Fish Camp Approach to Survey Research SS jmagdanz [at] (6) link review - JRY- sent to authors    
Ostertag, Sonja; Pokiak, Deva Lynn; Ruben, Diane; Snow, Kathleen; Loseto, Lisa Enhancing monitoring of beluga whales (Delphinapterus leucas) in the western Canadian Arctic through the development of local ecological indicators  SS sonja.ostertag [at] (6) link  review-S - sent to author  
Skean, Vanessa; Markon, Carl  Proposed Process for Use of Western Science, Citizen-Based Monitoring, and Traditional Knowledge in Ecosystem Models  SS  vskean [at]  (6)  link  reviewer-1 (anonym input); review-2 (anonym through CB) and review-3 (RD) sent to authors  
Raymond-Yakoubian, Julie; Behe, Carolina; Daniel, Raychelle; Moss-Davies, Pitseolalaq.  Briefing Note On Traditional Knowledge Sources From The Internet  SS jraymond-yakoubian [at] (Contact: Julie Raymond-Yakoubian) (6) 

link-updated Feb 2 (note author order changes)


review-Lize Marie - sent to authors ; review-IH - sent to authors revised 
Druckenmiller, Matthew; Keane, Brian; Bronen, Robin; McCann, Heidi Identifying the need for a co-produced monitoring and evaluation framework for Arctic observing programs partnering with indigenous communities WP  druckenmiller [at] (6)  link

review-PMD and review-Lize Marie - sent to authors 

Roue, Marie; Roturier, Samuel; Lavrillier, Alexandra; Gabyshev, S.; Nakashima, Douglas Coproduction of Indigenous and Scientific Knowledge as a response to Global Change in the Arctic WP roue [at] (6) link

review-CB and review-Lize Marie ; sent to authors  

Hayashi, Naotaka Witnessing 100 years of the sub-Arctic region's climatic variability: sheep farming in southern Greenland WP hayashn [at] 6, 4, OTHER - moved from Theme 3 link  review - CB ; sent to authors revised 
 Benedict, Sam BASEL III Compliance    analytixds1 [at]   (OTHER), 2 - NOTE: paper was submitted under Theme 2 and does mention data aggregation but best under 'OTHER'  link  NEW paper in DEC (invited?) - will need a reader or reviewer (Gaby will read)  

OTHER PAPERS TO BE CONTRIBUTED AFTER DEADLINE (information provided in extension request): Updated 2016-01


- Private Sector TWG may have more a couple more papers submitted (update from first week in January)

- Cheryl Rosa will submit a piece on health & sanitation after Nov. 20 - Theme PENDING - last update was from November

- Possibly Maribeth Murray et al., on data consortium? - update pending?

- Sandy Starkweather - Separate paper from Vihma et al. above (theme 5) - update or is this the same as above?

- Svein Mathiesen - svein.d.mathiesen [at] (theme 4) - last update was from early November

- Herrmann,  Victoria , US Arctic Institute & UK Nordic Climate & Innovations Network - Traditional Knowledge-based Innovation in the Age of Climate Change - victoria.herrmann [at] - last update was before December (Theme 6?) [IF RECEIVED: reviews can be done by Julie Raymond-Yakoubian and Gunn-Britt Retter]